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About Langesund

Langesund is not just music and festivals. You can also take a ferry to Denmark or take the small ferries in the archipelago. It is a short walk from the concerts to beautiful beaches, coastal paths and fishing spots. The city is surrounded by unique geology and protected natural areas.


Did you know that Langøya is one of the most species-rich areas in all of Norway, and that Langøya Hovedgård has an unofficial world record in the number of species in a dinner menu? Or that Langesund is one of the good food destinations in Telemark with the county's best pizza and its own cheese factory?  

Fierce and intense


The summer in Langesund is compact, hectic and intense, but also romantic and relaxing. The summer in the music and festival town of Langesund is a free time where absolutely anything can happen. If we disregard municipalities with less than 2000 inhabitants, Bamble is in second place, only beaten by Oslo, in the Norwegian cultural index in its ranking of Norwegian concert municipalities. There are three reasons why we score so high: Langesund and Bamble have well over 100 concerts in the summer and Wrightegaarden is the country's leading summer stage. Every summer we also hold a number of large and small festivals. 

Last but not least, we have a large group of volunteers and professional organizers who provide a diverse concert offer both during and outside the summer season.